Simala Shrine Cebu, Travel Guide

Simala Shrine Front View

         February 26, 2017. We found ourselves again in this sacred place in Simala Shrine for the 3rd time. As expected a lot of devoted Christians are there falling in line just to fulfill their devotion. It’s a bit crowded yet the solemnity of the place is being preserved. It’s good to see that different people/race is meeting in one place for just one reason and this reason makes us united. No matter what our differences are, we still share the same devotion. I was moved to think that no matter who you are, in a place like this! No one overpowered you except god.

Simala Shrine View

It was 7 in the morning. We departed from the Cebu South Bus terminal. Riding a V-hire (Van for hire). It took us more than an hour before we arrived at Simala Shrine. The travel was a bit exhausting and sleepy for waking up early in the morning. We’re thinking that it was Sunday and expect a lot of devotees. When we reach Simala we saw a very long line for one of its activities that they called “Haluk sa Berhen”. As you look at the photo you’ll see that it was a huge place, yet the line reaches the front gate of the shrine. And it was about 9 in the morning that you will start to feel the heat from the sun. It will really take faith.

There are always rules in a sacred place like this. Here are the things that are not allowed in the Shrine.

Not allowed inside the church premises:

  • Wearing shorts and mini skirts are not allowed.
  • Sleeveless dress, tube, and short blouse are not allowed.
  • Men must wear pants/jeans and a decent shirt.
  • Flying drones is prohibited.

Devotees can do a lot of things in that place. Like you can attend a mass, light a candle, and read a proof of many answered prayer.

Simala Shrine Mass Schedule

  • Sunday – 12:00 noon and 3:30 pm
  •  Monday to Friday – 12:00 noon
  •  Saturday – 10:30 am
  •  13th of the month – 10:30 am and 3:30 pm

You can also buy candles there and used them to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Candle colors:

  • Gold: Healing (Good health, Recovery, Spiritual, Family Tree)
  • Green: Prosperity/Success (Exams, Study, Financial, Business)
  • Blue: Perseverance (Employment, Career, Assignment, Promotions)
  • Violet: Achievement (Plans in Life, Struggles, Endeavors, Journeys, Voyage)
  • Red: Love (Utility, Friendship, Engagement, Family)
  • Yellow: Peace (Courage, Strength, Hope)
  • White: Purity (Enlightenment, Guidance, Right Path)
  • Orange: Reconciliation (Sweetheart, Wife, Husband, Enemy, Family)
  • Pink: Thanksgiving/Happiness/Joy (Spiritual, Physical)
  • Black: Souls (Forgiveness, Pardon)
  • Brown: Vocation (Marriage Bond, God’s Servant, Single life)
  • Gray: Deliverance (Bad ways, Things, Spirits)
  • Cream: Conversion/Faith (Children, Household, Couples)

The place is not yet fully developed, but it is almost done. The good news is that the place is accessible now. Most of the V-Hire or even some busses already go until the very entrance of the shrine. The V-hire from Cebu terminal is located at Brgy. Kamagayan Cebu City. There are also some V-hire staying around the South bus terminal but does not have a permanent place. You can also just ride a bus there. They have the same fare as the V-Hire which is 100 Pesos. By the way, the South Bus terminal is located N. Bacalso Ave. Cebu City at the back of Elizabeth Mall. 

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