Are you looking for a place where to chill, read books, or study? We’ll this place might be the right place for you. Gentlemen Cafe has a cool ambiance that will really help you focus on what you are about to do. For all the milk tea lovers out there you must try this cafe. … Read more

10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova, Cebu City

10000 Roses cafe Night view

Cebu is a one-stop place where you can see different beautiful spots, where you can visit, and relax. It has dazzling beaches, a wave pool, and even waterfalls. And these past few months, I’ve been hearing and seeing a viral place on Facebook name 10,000 roses cafe in Cebu. I think most of us who … Read more

Simala Shrine Cebu, Travel Guide

Simala Shrine Front View

         February 26, 2017. We found ourselves again in this sacred place in Simala Shrine for the 3rd time. As expected a lot of devoted Christians are there falling in line just to fulfill their devotion. It’s a bit crowded yet the solemnity of the place is being preserved. It’s good to … Read more