10,000 Roses Cafe in Cordova, Cebu City

Cebu is a one-stop place where you can see different beautiful spots, where you can visit, and relax. It has dazzling beaches, a wave pool, and even waterfalls. And these past few months, I’ve been hearing and seeing a viral place on Facebook name 10,000 roses cafe in Cebu. I think most of us who saw and hear from it feel the curiosity of how it looks like’ when captured by our very own eyes.

10000 Roses cafe Night view

Out of curiosity, we(with my girlfriend) free some of our time to visit the cafe. And as expected, there are lots of people who also want to see the beauty of the 10,000 roses. It falls on Saturday when we visit and because the place also went viral a few weeks ago.  We find it hard to get in front of the led lighted white roses.

We traveled for almost 2 hours from SM City Cebu to Brgy. Day-as in Cordova. Because of that, we tried to hold our patience to wait for others who have been trying to capture perfect selfies with the captivating view of 10,000 white roses.

For those who had been planning to go to see this place. Entering would cost you 20 pesos for an entrance fee.

10000 Roses entrance fee

How to Get There!

10,000 roses cafe is located at Brgy. Day-as Cordova, Cebu City. It is just a few steps from the Lantaw restaurant. A 56 minutes travel from SM City Cebu base on Google map. But due to heavy traffic, that could take almost 1 1/2 to 2 hours before you will be able to reach the place.

You can ride a v-hire from SM City Cebu to Gaisano Capital in Cordova if you are a commuter like us. Look for a “sikad-sikad” to bring you to the 10,000 rose’s café at the rate of 20 pesos per person.

Brgy Day-as Brgy Hall

Brgy. Day-as Cordova, Cebu City

10,000 rose’s cafe snapshot

10 000 Roses at best

Even how impossible it may seem to take a photo with this lot of people we still manage to take 1.  It’s not a perfect selfie but it’s a perfect captured moment with her. (with a smile here). hehe

My one in a 10 000 Roses

I hope you enjoy this blog. Keep on coming. There is more to come. Happy Travel!

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